Bespoke Tailoring

All Neapolitan tailoring tradition is enclosed in the hands and experiences of Sartin’s team.
The knowledge gained from more than twenty years of work combined with labors and availability make our attentive professionals meticulously and meticulously.

No detail is left to chance: work is done with zeal and attention to make each product an exclusive and sought-after product.

Men’s Clothing

Jacket, Suits and Coats: The product fulfills the strict rules of tailoring for the care of the detail

The interiors are made using: – soft canapes, these are bathed one by one in cast iron tubs, to adhere compactly to the fabric of the front; – melton for the undercool; – the silicone lining for the pockets, lightweight and durable. These are just some of the many quality standards used.

The barstool pocket is hand-made in all its parts, the soft shoulder, the sleeve with “folded” folds, the most open stem. All kinds of rever to sew a dress and make it unique in both fit and style and detail.

Tailored Men’s Groom Suits

Your Men’s Groom Suit designed by Sartoria Cavaliere

The lace or double stitching with yarn 30, the classic slim pocket, the pocket pocket with the A PIGNATA line, very stylized, these and other details you can choose, deciding to make your dress or jacket by SARTIN .
Your wedding dress will be a jewel to keep and pull out on the most important occasions, you will be directed and advised in choosing the best fabrics. We only work with the most excellent fabrics: Loro Piana, Piacenza, Dormeuil, Cerruti etc.etc ..
You can choose from a classic 2 button dress, smoking with silk rever, or choosing a frak or a tight …
We also take the free time by wearing the emotion of a painted sports jacket with a cotton trouser … .use a fake 3 buttons. Why not? A cashmere coat to face the winter with elegance and style.
In short whatever you have in mind from SARTIN you can realize itacenza, Dormeuil, Cerruti etc.etc..

Ties, shoes and accessories

For a tailored suit by Sartoria Cavaliere you need the right accessory. Details are important and we will help you to enhance your suit by recommending the elements to complete it: ties, bow ties, belts and shoes and everything you need to make your suit perfect. Sartoria Cavaliere offers a wide range of accessories exclusively made in Italy, tailored and of the highest quality.